The ‘Plot’ Thickens: -30-

By Jon Chattman | November 21, 2012

Can you believe after all that shit they got back together?

In October 2005, I created as a website for wrestling columns and “mustache envy.” It all was launched after my good friend Rich Tarantino and I talked about the good old days of wrestling over a slice of pizza (two slices actually), and from there, a site was born, and it grew like an awkward kid with a thin ‘stache going through puberty ever since. What started as a mustache and wrestling site turned into a celebrity interview forum with candid paparazzi photos, and eventually it became a place that incorporated travel, music, and non-mustache musings. It still will.

I’m stepping down effective today as managing editor of the site. The “pop” has been my passion since I launched it – I’ve spent so many hours not just writing stories or uploading pics, but hanging on the line for tech support anytime I mucked up the site in some way. It’s time for new blood on this site. Yes, I’ll still write, but it needs someone who has enough time to keep the vision I had for it going. I created A-Sides Music last year, and will focus on and writing books. That’s my passion these days. But again, this column isn’t a farewell at all – I’m just stepping aside.

Andrew Plotkin aka simply “Plotkin” will be taking over the day-to-day operations of this outfit (I mean the website – not my actual outfit). He shares the same drive I do, and I can’t think of anyone better suited for this. He’ll take the ball and run with it. He’s been a huge part of this site for a few years, and he’s about to take it to the next level. Support him please. He’s a good egg, and by “egg” I mean he’s a good person. He’s smart, funny, and is the only man I know who can pull off a headband. I love him like a brother, and so will you. Or, you’ll at least tolerate him like you would a brother. So that’s it. Enjoy Version 2.0 everybody, because that phrase isn’t overused I’m told. Love you all.

Watch. Listen. Love.

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