SXSW Interview with The Candles’ frontman Josh Lattanzi

By Jon Chattman | March 19, 2010

Josh Lattanzi has been playing for years for artists like The Lemonheads and Albert Hammond, Jr. He formed The Candles in NYC in 2008, and their album is pretty fantastic. I caught up with him briefly before he hit SXSW running. Here it is:

How’d you come up with the name of your band and the name of your first album?
As with most important decisions I turned to the Ouiji board.

Who are you greatest influences?
I love the blues. Billy Ocean, Steve Shelly. The blues masters…

Billy Ocean is a legend. On another note, is there any value in watching the television series “The Bachelor?”
That show confuses me. What is it about exactly?

Chicks looking for McDreamy. Anyway, what’s the most personal song you ever wrote?
I thought it was “Louie Louie” but then I realized it wasn’t mine. That song is bananas.

Did you learn anything from opening up for Evan Dando?
You better have some great songs and sing them well if you want to stick around. Seems obvious but he’s a great example.

Who has the best mustache ever and why?
It’s a toss up between Greg Norton of Husker Du and Ian McShane as Al Swearengen in Deadwood.

Is Betty White getting too much press?
I don’t think so. She’s cool. We’re all going to be old someday. Hopefully anyway. She’s a badass.

Best case scenario where will the band be in a year?
I’m hoping to get a few songs up on MySpace, maybe open a twitter account and see if this thing has some legs.

Where will I be?
Watching “The Bachelor”

If bands came with taglines what would yours be?
The Grateful Dead + Black Flag x Betty Page = The Candles

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